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JASMUN 2019 was the World's first ever Conference to utilize the Jasmine (also known as jasmine pink) revolutionary color scheme. Through hard work, determination and a perfectly balanced design and preparations we have created something truly unique. Now we would like to let the pictures and quotes from former participants speak for themselves.


  • "Despite all the mishaps along the way, it was genuinely one of the best and down-to-earth conferences I have ever attended. The closing was very wholesome and moving."

    Rated JASMUN 2019: 5/5 Stars

    Former Delegate of the Security Council Commitee
  • "I cannot even begin to describe how wonderful this conference and everyone involved in its organization was. I had the best time chairing my favorite committee as well as the crisis. I loved every part of it and I did not want it to ever end. I cannot begin to describe how many things I was feeling right after the conference came to an end. I will forever remember JASMUN 2019 for how wonderful the entire secretariat was and I am glad that I can finish my MUN career with such an amazing conference led by amazing people. <3"

    Rated JASMUN 2019: 5/5 Stars

    Former Chairman of JASMUN 2019
  • "Good organization, exquisite preparation of the Chairs and Secretariat, welcoming atmosphere, even for a first-timer. 10/10 would MUN again

    Rated JASMUN 2019: 5/5 Stars

    Former Delegate of the WHO Commitee