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"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." Helen Keller

Creating possibilities and broadening horizons

JASMUN creates a platform for high-school students worldwide to express their view on the world’s pressing issues, it develops their understanding of the global order and the problems it faces.
Participants of our conference have the unique opportunity of developping their public- speaking skills and get a chance to learn understanding the power of words and diplomacy. Representing various United Nations member states teaches Model United Nations ,,delegates’’ empathy, appreciation and consideration of other cultures, virtues which are crucial in a world that is being continuously globalised.

By ensuring equality of opportunity for all students, regardless of their background, JASMUN inducts young people onto a path of development into conscious adults and important members of the future.

Organising a conference, comes with great costs

The Venue,  the Delegate IDs, the JASMUN Merchandise, the catering and the Social Event, are all vital elements of every successful MUN conference. We aim to achieve the highest standard possible and, therefore we have  partnered up with various respected companies and NGOs.


Ivy Consultants

the Main Sponsor of JASMUN 2020

Ivy Consultants Academy offers a unique, tailor-made mentoring programme for children aged 14 and above to help them fulfil their educational dreams. They also offer an assistance to pupils and students in completing their high school and university applications or applications for other types of the educational programmes.

Ivy Consultants provides each mentee with a comprehensive evaluation and a plan that takes into account their short- and long-term goals along school and professional achievements, thus creating a unique profile.



Official Patronage

The main purpose of THINKTANK’s activity is inspiring a substantive debate amongst Polish public and reinforcing the dialogue between private and public spheres. They discuss and write about matters essential for decision-makers both in the government and in business environment.

Moreover, THINTANK popularises the most valuable Polish solutions and practices abroad.

EVIP Centrum

Official Partner

EVIP exists on the market for over 25 years. The Company has been established by Ewa Plucińska and specializes in conducting capital transactions such as M&A’s and management buyouts (MBO and MBI) as well as in acquiring of different types of investment financing.

EVIP Centrum meets the needs of dynamically growing markets. The company provides Clients with efficient and complex solutions within the scope of financial and investment consulting.


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This partner is yet to be annouced.


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This partner is yet to be annouced.